Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for teachers is a prepared and unbroken lifelong process by which teachers try to develop their personal and professional knowledge, skills and practice leading to their empowerment, development of their schools and learners.

Rekevida Education Management is your convenient and affordable platform for teachers, school heads and owners to keep pace with current standards, open you up to new possibilities, knowledge and skills. The following sections are designed to fit teachers, heads of schools and owners.


Everyone knows that time and money are scares resources to teachers. The Live Virtual Workshops/Training are designed to break these barriers and allow educators gain uninterrupted access to continuous professional development.

You can view the workshop from anywhere in the world, saving time and money on travel costs. Customized to address your specific goals, virtual training fits your schedule and provides support for your emerging needs in the teaching and learning process.
What are the Benefits?
All educators have a blend of talents and challenges. We will improve your talents and manage your challenges. We will provide:
  •  the opportunity for teachers to ask questions,
  •  plenty room to clarify understanding,
  •  quality time to troubleshoot problems.
  •  You will receive certificate of recognition for every successful set of workshops
  •  become a member of the organization for higher benefits.

  • How does it work?
    For teachers, there are six virtual workshops in each quarter of the year. Each of the six workshops contains two topics taken within every month of the quarter. One topic on CPD and the other on handling existing challenges that teachers face. For Administrators, there will be one workshop/training in each quarter of the year.
  •  All participants will need to register with the organization to have access to all the virtual workshops/trainings.
  •  You need a good laptop with good internet connection. A good smart phone can also be used.
  •  You need to prepare your mind for night work.
  •  Registration is N10,000 only per quarter.
  •  Group registration attracts discounts.
  •  To become a life member you must pass two Rekevida qualifying examinations and be certificated.

    On-site professional development training is organized to allow our consultants to visit your school and identify and/or address critical issues affecting effective teaching or management of the school. Possible consideration here, include school audit and/or training.


    This training is ideal for individuals and staff looking for workshops to be tailored to their areas of needs. From half-day, one day, or even for a full week’s workshop. It also include those who have missed out our previous training and now wish to catch up.  Contact us now.


    This is a one-on-one and/or small group follow-up training/coaching support for individuals or groups needing benchmarking or additional strategies. Contact us now.


    • We operate work placement services for qualified teachers both in Nigeria and abroad.
    • We assist you to get recommendations and international qualifications for teaching jobs in UK and the west.
    • We offer Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Education and Training with certificates from reputable UK universities.
    • This is an online U.K. University Level 4&5 course. We are marketing this course to Mathematics and Science teachers who wish to relocate to the U.K. and teach in their schools.

                         The course is designed as follows:

    • This a level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. Level 5 is the equivalent to the second year of a Bachelor’s Degree programme. It is also equivalent to a HND diploma"
    • It is suitable for teachers, trainers and tutors who are already practicing in the education sector.
    • It is also for those who are not currently practicing but have significant amount of experience and want a qualification to show.
    • The course is accredited by Qualifi, a U.K. Ofqual recognized organization.
    • The course has 9 online modules, 7 written assessments and a practical teaching practice activities to be carried out during a real world teaching position in the current school where you work or the one you will find ( a school, college, community group)during the course duration.
    • There will be a mentor to support and verify your work.
    • The course prepares the student to teach in a wide range of context including public and private schools, colleges and universities all over the world.
    • OBS has partnered with T 15 International an education recruitment specialist organization that recruit and help inspiring educators with the acceptable professional skills, qualifications and emotional intelligence find their perfect job within the teaching sector.
    • This course will qualify you to teach in post tertiary education sector of colleges and community schools.
    • To teach in state schools sector you must become a member of the Society of Education & Training (SET) through obtaining Initial Teacher Training (ITT). Successful completion of this course gives you just that.
    • Completion of this course provides you with Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status, a designation awarded to teachers in the Further Education and Post-Compulsory Education & Training sectors by the Education & Training Foundation in the United Kingdom. This is sufficient to teach in state schools as well as further education.
    • The fees for the course is only £1,600. As an in- country representative of UK universities, we are empowered to give you 40% discount and to allow payment in installments.
    • Our discount code is Blueseal/OBS/010.
    • We will guide you through the entire process.